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This Boy I Know

I shot this clip on my phone and I keep returning to it. Telephones, quelle surprise, don’t take spectacular video; their images are muddy, pixelized, haloed with compression artifacts, all of which suck human warmth from the frame. But not this one. This clip is a reminder for me that, even when shooting with low quality glass on an unforgiving smartphone, the most important thing is light. And the light is what keeps me coming back to this clip.

I’m beginning a new video essay, starting here. By the time this class ends in nine weeks, I hope to be finished. And hopefully, like many of you, I’ll have learned something along the way.

I was just watching this a minute ago when the Gary Jules version of “Mad World” shuffled on:  “All around me are familiar faces, worn out faces, bright and early for the daily races, going nowhere, going nowhere… hide my head I want to drown my sorrow, no tomorrow, no tomorrow” and it made a curious soundtrack. We spoke a bit last week on how a certain flow of images can obliterate language or voiceover and how, arsy versy, dense language can snuff out the visual. Maybe it’s a sign of where I am in my life right now, but it’s hard to watch these fat sweet baby legs flickering and still believe there could be no tomorrow, no tomorrow, for anybody.

Image 1, Sound 0.


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